Forming Strategic Alliances

to implement evidence-based practices that improve young children's development during the critical early years, from birth through age 5.

Education and Training

aiming to raise the performance standards in health education with special emphasis on newborn care & preterm babies.

Engaging in

a multi-Stakeholders Policy Dialogue informed by the best available evidence of what works to improve developmental outcomes.

Public education

aiming to increase awareness of the importance of healthy child development and to share what we know about early childhood.

Current Initiatives in the MENA region

The Family Academy project

Decades of research have taught us what kind of early experiences optimize children's cognitive, social and emotional development. The Family Academy Initiative aims to make that knowledge accessible and easy to implement so that all children have the Best Start in life.
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Training programmes for Parent Educators

Our aspiration is to equip parent educators with the tools required to better engage and involve parents as an important partner in their child's development in the critical 5 years. The 1st Training Workshop on Baby & Toddler Module was organised in Abu Dhabi, UAE in partnership with INCREDIBLE YEARS.

NBO and NBAS Training Center in the Middle East

Understanding Newborn Behavior and Supporting Early Relationships

The Newborn Behavioral Observations System (NBO)

The Newborn Behavioral Observations (NBO) system is an interactive relationship-building tool designed to strengthen the relationship between infants and parents beginning in the newborn period through the first three months of life. It is a clinical tool designed to describe the baby’s behavioral repertoire and sensitize parents to their infants' capacities and individuality, and to enhance the parent-infant relationship by strengthening parents' connection to their baby in the perinatal period.
Selected papers on the uses of the NBO click here

The Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS)

The Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) was developed by Dr. T. Berry Brazelton and his colleagues and today is regarded as the most comprehensive examination of newborn behavior available. The NBAS is designed to document the newborn’s contribution to the parent-infant system, the competencies and individual differences of the newborn, as well as any vulnerabilities. Its interactive nature provides a clear and complete profile of the baby’s behaviour, and how it must feel to parent the baby. It can be used with full-term babies (from birth to two months old), but also with premature babies (from 35 weeks gestation) and with developmentally delayed babies.
NBAS Studies and Publications

The 1st Bright Start Conference for the MENA region,

marks an important milestone towards introducing best practices on Early Childhood Development and equipping participants with practical strategies and tools to enhance their knowledge and skills. Early Years Excellence in Practice is the motto of the Conference and is organized in 2 dynamic conference tracks: one for typically developing children (ECD) and one for children with special educational needs & disabilities (SEND).

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Creativity at the heart of Early Childhood


Arts exploration and developing identity in the early years

Young Children as Artists: Creating Connections between Early Childhood Settings, Parents, Artists, Galleries and Museums

A multi-year campaign which aims to raise awareness amongst parents and early childhood educators about the importance of early arts and creativity for children aged 0-5.